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Credit: NASA and STScI

As of March 2010, Hubblesite's Tonight's Sky precious video shows are presented in different video file formats and file naming conventions. Until February 2010, the shows were provided in Flash format involving a mere 2-3MB data size. Now, there are three video file formats to choose from, Quicktime, WMV and xVid, each available in three resolutions, 1280 x 720, 640 x 360 and 320 x 180 pixels. Astropical downloads the WMV in 640 x 360 pixels for three reasons: 1. it can be played in the Windows media player, 2. they are lightest in terms of data amount and 3. the resolution suits most monitor dimensions. Please visit Tonight's Sky on the Hubble site for further details. Basically, you can download a show of your choice and play it using one of the recommended player software.