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History of Kol-Kit

"Kol-Kit" is the brand name for our lineup of easy-to-assemble telescope kits. Spica is one of the models in this product line:

• 4cm Refractor model SPICA
• 5cm Refractor model KT-5cm
• 6cm Refractor model KT-6cm
• 10cm Newtonian Reflector KT-10cm (domestic sales only)

4cm Refractor Spica5cm Refractor KT-5cm6cm Refractor KT-6cm10cm Reflector KT-10cm
Wooden tripods are optional.

We take a little pride in our model Spica ever since it was so much appreciated as educational value, attracting numerous participants and tutors in school classrooms, workshops and outreach programs during nearly 20 years.

It is not only the superior optical quality in its class, but also the fun and satisfaction during an hour of tool-free assembling followed by exciting moments of first use under the sky. Spica is the ideal telescope for gathering people and making friends to share the same interest and feelings with.

Model Spica was first introduced in 1990 and added to our line of products. Actually, we designed a similar telescope 40 years ago, however, at that time with a single objective lens that naturally introduced chromatic abberation. Now, we are excited to furnish Spica with a doublet achromatic lens, which outperforms competing telescopes.