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Spica Galileo SET

(Spica Telescope Kit + Mirror Diagonal)

4cm Easy-to-assemble Prettier Small Kit convenient world wide delivery with excellent achromatic lens provides good performance and kit is especially designed for young students, and general people who are not familliar in Astronomy sharing inherent advantage in joy of assembly.

Spica Galileo SET (Made in JAPAN) JPY 3,600.
Spica Telescope Kit(Keplerian) Mirror Diagonal Galilean Ocular Lens
Spica Telescope Kit Mirror Diagonal Galilean Ocular Lens &holder
SET= Spica Telescope Kit + Mirror Diagonal + Galilean Ocular Lens


Try Keplerian & Glilean Optical Ststem
normal EyePiece (Keplerian) Mirror Diagonal (Keplerian) Galilean
Keplerian (35x) Galilean (16x)

2cm square double-stick tape required to place the ocular lens on the holder for use.

ORDER: - Spica Galileo SET - (one set)

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Spica kit is authorized as You Are Galileo! Telescope by IAU for IYA2009.

Mirror Diagonal not applicable for Galilean system

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